LPB Piso Wifi

LPB Piso WiFi hotspot provides internet access for one peso. You can buy internet access time by inserting coins into the Piso Wifi machine then login to the to connect to the Piso wifi vending machine.

How LPB Piso Wifi Works?

LPB Piso WiFi has special routers linked to coin validator machines. You can insert coins to receive a set amount of internet access time.

How LPB Piso Wifi Works

How To Access To Piso Wifi Net

  1. Connect to Piso Net (lpb.wifi).
  2. Access the Portal to the login page by ( alternative IP addresses in case not working or
  3. Insert coins in a vending machine, inserted coins determine internet time access.
  4. Once the payment is made internet access is granted for the specified duration.

Default Login Piso WIFI Password Details

Router BrandUsernamePassword
LPB Piso WiFiadmin administrator123456789 admin1234

The default username for Piso Wi-Fi is “admin,” and the default password is “123456789“.

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LPB Admin Portal Functions

The admin portal for Piso Wifi IP address is This portal provides functions for both vendo owners and customers:

For LPB Vendo Users

  • Insert Money: Access then click the “Insert Money” button and complete the transaction.
  • Pause Time: You can pause usage time by accessing the same portal and clicking the “Pause Time” button. You can resume your session by clicking “Resume Time“.

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LPB Piso Wifi pause time

For LPB Vendo Owners

  • Login to Admin Portal: login with username “admin” and password “123456789”.
  • Voucher Generator: Enter price, minutes, validity, data capping and speed limits.
  • Add Timer Rates: Allows the setting of rates based on time and cost.
  • Set Wi-Fi Speed Limit: Set global and per-user speed limits.

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LPB Installation and Setup

You will need the following components to build Piso Wifi system:

  1. Raspberry Pi: The main computer that runs the system.
  2. 12V Power Supply: Powers the coin slot.
  3. 5V Power Supply: Powers the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Universal Coin Slot: Accepts coins and sends signals to the Raspberry Pi.
  5. Access Point or Router: Broadcasts the Wifi signal.
  6. LAN Cables: Connects networking equipment.
  7. Dupont Wires: Connects the Raspberry Pi to other components.
  8. JST Connector: Connects the coin slot to the Raspberry Pi.
  9. SD Card: Stores the operating system and software.
  10. Card Reader: Used to transfer software to the SD card.
  11. Wire Cutter and Screwdriver: Tools for assembling the system.
LPB piso wifi setup
  1. Prepare the Hardware:
    • Connect a 12V power supply to the coin slot and a 5V power supply to the Raspberry Pi.
    • Connect the coin slot to the Raspberry Pi using wires and a connector, making sure to ground properly.
    • Link the access point or router to the Raspberry Pi with LAN cables.
  2. Install the Software:
    • Download Adopisoft software and Balena Etcher.
    • Use Balena Etcher to put the Adopisoft image on an SD card.
    • Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and power it up.
  3. Configure the System:
    • Access the Admin Panel by connecting to the Piso WiFi hotspot and typing in a browser.
    • Adjust the coin slot settings in the admin panel to only accept coins when users are connected to WiFi.
    • Test the system by inserting coins and ensuring the coin slot only works when the “Insert Coin” button is pressed.

Additional Features:

  • Audio Integration: Integrating audio files into the system’s HTML code.
  • Cashless Payments: GCash and Maya allow you to pay with mobile wallets.
  • License Activation: Activate the license for Adopisoft software after free trial.
lpb piso license key

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Common Lpb Piso Net Issues

  • Login Issues: If the IP address takes too long to respond, you can try alternative IPs like or Rebooting the router or checking for loose connections can also help resolve issues.
  • Incorrect IP Address: The correct IP address (
  • Unresponsive Gateway Device: Rebooting the router can resolve this issue. check the lpb wifi index.
  • Incorrect Client Address Assignment: This can occur due to automatic IP address assignment on the network. Rebooting the router may help.
  • Adopisoft users on Facebook can help you If you encounter issues.


Setting up an LPB Piso Wifi system is an easy process that can be accomplished with basic tools and components. This detailed LPB guide gives you all the basic information related to LPB piso wifi from main features to password logins and installation.


What is LPB Piso WiFi and How does it work?

Piso WiFi access through coin-operated hotspots allowing users to pay for a set time online.

How to Set Up LPB WiFi on Orange Pi One and Orange Pi PC?

Download Piso WiFi software, install it, connect hardware, configure settings, test connection, and start vending.

What is LPB Piso Wifi Portal App?

The LPB Portal app is available on Google Play. The app features auto notifications, and auto pop-ups, making it easy for users to have control of their internet sessions.

Is there a way to hack LPB Piso WiFi voucher codes?

No, hacking LPB Piso WiFi voucher codes is illegal and unethical; always obtain internet access through legitimate means.

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