LPB Piso Wifi

“LPB Piso wifi” refers to a type of Wi-Fi system commonly found in public places such as cafes, waiting areas, or shops. It is named after the Philippine term “piso,” which means one peso, the currency of the Philippines. So, how does the Lbp Piso wifi work?

LPB Piso Wi-Fi provides internet access to users for a specific duration in exchange for a small fee, usually one peso per minute or hour. Users can log in to the lpb.wifi/index.php to connect to the Wi-Fi network and then purchase access by inserting coins or tokens into a coin-operated machine.

Therefore you can easily access it o connect to your Piso wifi networks > Open your browser > Type admin login > Enter your username and password to Login LPB Piso wifi. And now you are successfully logged in.

Who Uses LPB Piso Wifi?

The LPB Piso Wi-Fi system is typically set up by business owners who want to offer internet connectivity to their customers while generating additional revenue. It allows users to access the internet for a limited time which we call a pause timer or time limit.

These systems are popular in areas where people need short-term internet access, such as individuals waiting for an appointment or those who want to browse the internet while on the go.

How to Access the Piso Wifi Portal

1. Connect to the Piso Wi-Fi network: On your device (phone, tablet, or laptop), go to the Wi-Fi settings and select the Piso Wi-Fi network from the available list of networks. It usually has a name like “Piso Wi-Fi” or something similar.

2. Open a web browser: Once connected to the Piso Wi-Fi network, open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

3. Enter the default gateway address: Type the default gateway address of the Piso Wi-Fi system. The default gateway address is typically provided on a sticker or label on the Piso Wi-Fi machine. It usually looks like an IP address, such as or

4. Press Enter or Go: After entering the default gateway address, press Enter or tap the Go button in the browser.

5. Enter login credentials: The Piso wifi portal will prompt you for login credentials. This information may also be provided on the sticker or label on the Piso Wi-Fi machine.

Enter the username and password to access the portal. If you don’t have this information, you may need to contact the Piso Wi-Fi provider or the business owner who installed the system.

LPB Piso Wifi Portal

6. Access the portal: Once you have entered the correct login credentials, you will be granted access to the Piso Wi-Fi portal. From there, you may be able to purchase Wi-Fi credits, check your remaining balance, or configure certain settings depending on the features provided by the specific Piso Wi-Fi system.

You can also connect to 10.0.01 lpb piso wifi by entering the voucher code or LPB wifi license key.

How Do I Connect to Piso Net WIFI?

It is essential to connect to PISO wifi once you get it. But it can be pretty tricky for those who don’t know how to connect to LPB Piso WiFi network.

So here is a quick and easy way of connecting to Piso Net wifi. 

  • Open your device and enable wifi.
  • Scan for available networks.
  • Select the PISONet WiFi network in the available networks.
  • Tap to click on the PisoNet.
  • Enter the Password of your wifi.
  • Click on the connect button, and now it is connected.

What is the Default Login for Piso WIFI?

Router BrandUsernamePassword
LPB Piso WiFiadmin administrator123456789 admin1234

LPB Piso Wifi Password 

The default username for LPB Piso Wi-Fi is “admin,” and the default password is “123456789.”

This information should grant you access to the LPB Piso wifi password, where you can view sales reports, system information, and the total sales generated by the vending machine.

Why Piso Wifi Lpb Portal Can’t Access?

You cannot access the LPB Piso Wi-Fi portal for various reasons. The gateway address you entered may be incorrect, so double-check the IP address provided on the LPB Piso Wi-Fi machine.

Ensure you are connected to the LPB Piso wifi and have a stable internet connection. Ensure you are entering the correct login credentials for the portal, as provided by the correct LPB Piso wifi login details.

If you have verified these factors and cannot access the portal, it could be due to configuration issues or technical problems with the LPB Piso Wi-Fi system. In such cases, contacting the provider, installer, or business owner is recommended for further assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the access issue.