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Internet access is important for both people and businesses. Piso WiFi is one of the ways you can get connected, and it’s easy to use. You can access it through a special IP address, which is Piso WiFi is great because it’s affordable and simple for anyone to use. This article will explain the Piso WiFi, its usefulness, how to access10.0.0.1 Piso WiFi and troubleshooting issues.

What Is Piso Wifi?

Piso WiFi, first called PisoNet, is a popular internet provider in the Philippines. It gives people a way to easily and cheaply get online. It’s named “Piso” because it began as a machine where you could use coins worth one peso to get internet time. The IP address will help users to enter their accounts, control things, and change settings.

Key Features and Benefits Of Piso WiFi 

Piso WiFi has one of the important features called “Pause Time.” It lets users stop the timer on their internet session when they need a break. This is great for people who want to take breaks without losing paid internet time. Piso WiFi is affordable and gives users control over their internet use, making it a handy and flexible option. Let’s discuss its features in detail.

1- Pause Time Functionality

You can find the “Pause Time” by going to With this feature, you can pause your internet session. It stops the timer on your paid internet time. This is helpful for people who want to use their internet time wisely and get the most out of it.

2- Affordable

Piso WiFi is cheaper which is one of the best things about it. Features like Pause Time help users save money by controlling how much internet they use. This makes it perfect for people and small businesses who want to spend less on internet bills.

3- User Control

Piso WiFi gives users power over their internet time. Using the gateway, they can control their accounts, change settings, and use the Pause Time feature. This helps them feel more responsible and in control of their online activities.

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How to Access and Use Piso WiFi

Accessing and using your Piso WiFi is easy. First, connect to the Piso WiFi network. Then, open your web browser and type in the number This will take you to a page where you can log in, pause your internet time, and change settings however you like.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you’re having trouble accessing the gateway, don’t worry, it’s fixable. Sometimes, people enter the wrong IP address or the gateway device doesn’t respond. Also, there might be issues with connecting to the internet. To solve these problems, you’ve typed the correct IP address and checked for network or device issues. That should help fix things up. Piso Wifi Insert Coin

You can connect the Piso Wifi Insert Coin using Ado Piso wifi coins.

However, we have described a few steps that help you insert coins of piso wifi. Piso Wifi Insert Coin
  • Connect to adopisowifi. 
  • Go to, not > click on insert coin. 
  • Add coins according you want. 

LPB Piso Routers Default Passwords List

(Blank)Printer on router

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1RC7iCy1 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hrs
246qXtw1 Hr 0 minFreenext 4 hr
3YS5rGX1 Hr 0 minFreenext 2 hr
4VSUJg51 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hr Piso Wifi Pause Time Machine Price Piso WiFi pause time vending machine costs approximately 19,000 Philippine Pesos (PHP). In addition to the device itself, you will also receive the following items:

  • Lifetime support
  • Three-month warranty
  • 11 meters of UTP cable
  • One piece of outdoor CPE antenna
  • 5 meters of UTP cable

Notable features of this machine include: Piso Wifi Pause Time Machine Price
  • Plug-and-play functionality, making it easy to set up and use.
  • The ability to block malicious websites, ensuring a safer browsing experience for users.
  • Time adjustment capability allows you to customize the duration and pricing of internet access.
  • The reliable signal range for providing WiFi coverage.
  • Operates on 12-volt power supply.
  • Equitable bandwidth allocation, ensuring consistent performance for all connected users.
  • Accepts 1, 5, and 10 peso coins as payment for internet access.
  • Includes a CPE antenna for enhancing signal strength and coverage.
  • Supports the connection of up to 200 devices simultaneously.

Ado Pisoft and LBP Piso WiFi machines are regarded as reliable among the various available options.

Conclusion Piso WiFi is a big step forward in giving people cheap and easy internet access. Its Pause Time feature saves money and gives flexibility. This makes it a great choice for many people. By learning how to use it well, users can get the most out of Piso WiFi, making the internet work better while managing their time online wisely.

FAQs ( Piso WiFi)

What is Piso WiFi?

It’s a popular internet vending service in the Philippines where users pay a small fee to access the internet for a set time.

How do I log in to Piso WiFi?

Connect to the Piso WiFi network, open a web browser, and go to Enter your login details if prompted.

What is the Pause Time feature?

It lets users temporarily pause their internet session to save their paid time for later use.

How do I use the Pause Time feature?

Access the admin panel at, find the Pause Time option, and select it to pause your session. To resume, deactivate the pause.

Can I change my Piso WiFi password?

Yes, log in to the admin panel at, go to settings, and choose to change the WiFi password.

What should I do if I can’t connect to

Double-check the IP address, ensure your device is connected to the network, and try restarting your router. If issues persist, consult the troubleshooting guide or contact support.

Is Piso WiFi secure?

Yes, it uses security measures like WPA2 encryption and isolated user sessions. However, it’s recommended to use additional security practices like VPNs.

How do I fix login issues?

Check your connection, use the correct IP address and login credentials, and try restarting your router. If problems continue, consult the troubleshooting guide or contact support.

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