Unleashing the Power of Canna Boost Accelerator: Elevate Your Harvest to New Heights


In the dynamic world of plant cultivation, achieving optimal growth, quality, and yield is a perpetual quest for growers. A revolutionary solution, Canna Boost Accelerator, emerges as a game-changer, designed to enhance the flowering process, improve fruit quality, and elevate overall harvest outcomes. This article delves into the depths of Canna Boost, exploring its features, benefits, and application methods.

Canna Boost in Focus

Canna Boost Accelerator stands as CANNA’s robust flowering stimulator, meticulously crafted for the accelerated growth of plants, ultimately leading to improved fruit quality and increased yields. Unlike traditional nutrients, Canna Boost is not a standalone nutrient; instead, it acts as a powerful additive that amplifies the plant’s photosynthesis process.

The Science Behind Canna Boost

Canna Boost operates by stimulating the development of recently formed flowers, resulting in fuller and more robust fruits. This unique approach contributes to a more homogeneous harvest, ensuring that fruits mature gradually, avoiding sudden ripening. The key lies in Canna Boost’s ability to enhance the plant’s photosynthesis, a crucial factor in rapid fruit formation.

As a flowering stimulator, Canna Boost contains natural flowering regulators that play a dual role. Firstly, they facilitate the even distribution of flowering stimulants within the booster and the plant. Secondly, these regulators enhance the dispersion of flowering substances and energy naturally present in the plant. The harmonious interplay of these elements fosters uniform fruit development, reaching their full potential.

Quality Harvest Beyond Quantity

In the contemporary era of agriculture, a successful harvest transcends mere quantity. The focus has shifted towards quality, a trend observed in the cultivation of various crops, including cannabis. Canna Boost, while ensuring a higher yield, places a significant emphasis on flavor and quality.

The boost in photosynthesis triggered by Canna Boost leads to elevated sugar production in fruits. This not only results in a sweeter taste but also intensifies the concentration of natural flavors. Quality is no longer a secondary consideration; it’s an integral aspect of the modern grower’s aspirations.

Key Advantages of Canna Boost

1. No PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators)

Canna Boost stands out by not containing Plant Growth Regulators, ensuring a natural and unadulterated growth process.

2. Enhanced Plant Immunity

The product aids in fortifying plant immunity, providing a shield against diseases that could jeopardize the harvest.

3. Increased Crop Size

Canna Boost’s influence on flowering and fruit development contributes to a larger and more bountiful crop.

4. Improved Crop Quality

Beyond quantity, Canna Boost prioritizes quality, delivering crops with enhanced taste and natural flavors.

5. Facilitates Nutrient Uptake

The product’s formulation supports efficient nutrient uptake, ensuring that plants receive essential elements for robust growth.

Boosting Your Harvest: Directions for Use

Harnessing the power of Canna Boost requires a strategic approach. Follow these guidelines for optimal results:

  • Shake Well Before Use:
    • Ensure thorough mixing of the solution before application.
  • Dosage:
    • Administer Canna Boost using a dilution of approximately 1:500 (200 ml per 100 L of water) when flowers start to form.
    • For extra flowering strength, dilute at 1:250 (400 ml per 100 L of water).
    • Avoid use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
  • Storage and Shelf Life:
    • Use the diluted solution within 7 days to maintain effectiveness.
  • Application Methods:
    • Canna Boost can be applied manually, through drip irrigation, or via foliar feeding.

The Grower’s Choice: Canna Boost vs. Boost Pro

Canna Boost is hailed as the grower’s choice, offering an unparalleled boost to flowering and fruiting processes. Notably, it stands out as four times cheaper than Boost Pro, its counterpart. The cost-effectiveness stems from a stronger dilution rate and overall affordability.

About Us: Dr. Green’s Legacy

To understand the roots of Canna Boost’s prominence, a glimpse into the history of Dr. Green is essential. Dr. Green, a pioneer in hydroponics, introduced this revolutionary approach to Telford back in 1995. His gardening prowess even made headlines in 1997. The product range at Dr. Green’s encompasses various offerings, from Digital Light Kits and Grow Tents to Dutch Pro, Canna Nutrients, and much more.


In the ever-evolving landscape of plant cultivation, products like Canna Boost Accelerator play a pivotal role in reshaping traditional paradigms. As growers seek solutions that go beyond mere quantity, Canna Boost emerges as a beacon of innovation. Its ability to enhance flowering, improve fruit quality, and elevate taste makes it a cornerstone for modern growers. Embrace the power of Canna Boost to unlock the full potential of your harvest and redefine what success means in the realm of plant cultivation.

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