Things to Consider When Choosing Umrah Packages?

Things to Consider When Choosing Umrah Packages?

Performing Umrah is a sacred journey for Muslims and offers a profound experience for every Muslim. This duty is not worship, but it is obligatory on every Muslim who can afford it. This is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and every Muslim is eager to follow it. It is very important for every Muslim to choose the right Umrah packages for a hassle- free pilgrimage and to ensure its completion.

To complete this holy journey of Umrah, you can contact Islamic travel agency to complete this holy pilgrimage. Islamic Travel agency is providing a golden opportunity for you by providing the Umrah Packages UK for the residents of United Kingdom. Islamic Travel is a reputable and reliable agency that helps you fulfill your wishes. Islamic Travel is the best agency to help you and prepare for your Umrah. Who is always ready to fulfill your needs for you?


Umrah packages services vary and widely in cost. Although it includes many packages, you do not need to pay extra for some extra features. You can tolerate anything without compromising your spiritual experience. Depending on your rates Umrah packages prices fluctuate at certain times of the year. Islamic Travel is offering Umrah packages for you at low cost. In the month of December and Ramadan, Umrah packages become considerably cheaper.

The virtue of doing Umrah in Ramadan is very high, because in this holy month of Ramadan, the rewards of the holy worship is double.  You can choose Ramadan Umrah packages from United Kingdom because Islamic Travel offer you Umrah packages. Qatar Airways Flights are considered as one of the most suitable flights for the Umrah. Do not forget to book to get Umrah packages at the best rates. Islamic Travel makes the memorable packages for you keeping in mind your desire and budget. Which is convenient for you and you can get more benefits in these packages.


Accommodation plays an important role in performing for this sacred journey of holy Umrah. Because Saudi Arabia has opened E-VISA for Muslims, so that Muslims can perform this spiritual journey of Umrah. One of the most important aspects of staying in Saudi Arabia is arranging accommodation. When deciding where to stay for Umrah, it is important to consider the proximity of the residence to Mecca and Madinah.

For accommodation, it is important to consider the top hotels in mecca and Madinah. Mecca is the holy city in the western region of Saudi Arabia. It has the importance of the holiest city in Islam. It is the location of the Kaaba. Millions of Muslims round the world Travel to this holy city to perform Umrah and Hajj.

If you are planning the holy pilgrimage of Umrah and want to stay in some of the top hotels near the Kaaba in mecca. Check the distance of the offered hotels from the holy place of mecca. Proximity to masjid al- Haram in mecca and the masjid al- Nabvi in medina can significance enhance your experience. Islamic Travel provides 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotel accommodation in its Umrah packages.  


Pilgrims go alone, with family, in groups to perform Hajj and Umrah. Worldwide, many airlines are operating at Jeddah and median airports today. King Abdulaziz international airport in Jeddah and Madinah have selected several terminals for the arrival of pilgrim. There are 24 commercial international airports within the United Kingdom.

Heathrow is the UK’s most popular airport. It offers services to Muslims for internal flight and external flights. Get complete information about transportation arrangements within your Umrah packages. Travelling between mecca and Madinah, timely transportation greatly reduces the stress of a comfortable journey. Islamic Travel provides transportation facilities from Jeddah to Madinah in it Umrah packages.

So that you do not face any kind of difficulties during performing this spiritual journey and you can easily visit all the holy places.

VISA Arrangements

Find an approved visa agency, visa applications for performing Umrah should be made through an approved visa agency in your country of native. Book such a package for this spiritual journey which helps with flight booking and visa procedures for visa. Visa provides assistances to streamline the Umrah packages process.

Make sure you can make your Umrah preparations as easy and stress- free as possible. The Travel agent will be In charge of your visa application and preparations for this spiritual journey and Umrah pilgrimage. Most agencies provide you with different packages. So, that you can choose the right visa.

Documents required for application should be ready and up to date. Visas are very important documents for entering Saudi Arabia, because entry into Saudi Arabia is prohibited without visa.

Group’s vs Private packages

It is very important to Travel for Umrah through Umrah package. Muslims can also choose for Umrah on their own but still Umrah visa through a certified Travel agent is essential. Every agent offers you two types of Umrah packages while offering Umrah package services. Group Umrah Travel and other private Umrah packages. As far as benefits are concerned both these packages offer you specific benefits.

So, when it comes to budget Travel it can be difficult to decide. Group Umrah is arranged by the Travel agent with the airlines you want to fly with, the place you want to stay. Because Group Umrah has to be arranged for the large number of propel traveling from this area. However, you choose different categories for this holy journey of Umrah. Group Umrah packages can also be cheap so its cost is based on Travel and accommodation. Room must be shared with group flights or transportation. Islamic Travel provides freedom of Travel to the pilgrim on the holy Umrah.

Special needs

If you or your Travel Group have specific needs, this spiritual journey package caters to them. The package also includes dietary restrictions, medicals services and accessibility requirements. Umrah is a spiritual journey as well as a physical journey. Keeping these factors in mind, you can choose an Umrah package.

This package not only fulfills your need but also enriches your pilgrimage. So, that you can get maximum benefits. Islamic Travel dedicates Umrah packages in a range of specific needs. The spiritual journey of Umrah should be equally beneficial and peaceful. Book this sacred journey of your Umrah with Islamic Travel agency and get blessings and rewards from Allah.  

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