The Best way to keep your hybrid car uses less fuel In Zimbabwe 

In modern days, when our environment is being affected by the loss of natural resources, our scientists are working to save the environment in different ways. Hybrid cars are one of those because they use electrical and fuel-produced energy, and more economical in used car for sale in Zimbabwe. Here are some tips from SAT on saving fuel while driving your vehicle.

1. Drive smoothly

Hybrid cars use regenerative energy for barking. So, it’s essential to avoid sudden braking or acceleration. Gradual acceleration of deceleration helps maximize fuel efficiency. 

2. Employ the electric mode.

Make sure you use the electric mode correctly and to its maximum efficiency. Electric mode is used in stop-and-go or low-speed city driving. This mode uses electric energy-saving fuel.

3. Maintain proper tire pressure 

The pressure in the tire can help in saving the fuel. Regardless of the type of hybrid car you are using, poor inflated vehicles and good inflated tires can help you save fuel. So, you are advised to keep the tires inflated according to your manufacturer’s recommendation. 

4. Remove extra weight

Hybrid cars are designed to cut through the air and are lightweight. Weight is also essential, as a vehicle’s weight can affect oil use. So it’s recommended to remove extra weight from your car 

5. Plan your trip.

It’s recommended that you plan your trips so you can minimize the time spent on the road and reduce the distance to your destination. One extra tip in this can be the use of GPS to avoid the long overcrowded roads

6. Avoid idling

If there are places where you have to stop or have to be stationary, like long traffic lights or long drive-thru lines, it’s recommended to switch off the engine and try to save fuel.

7. Maintain your car

It’s essential to keep your car maintained; try to follow the recommendations of your car companies for the proper maintenance of the car. Well-maintained vehicles can work efficiently and will consume less fuel.

8. Monitor fuel economy

Fuel consumption and finance is the distance a car travels with a specific amount of fuel. Installing an onboard fuel economy display is recommended to keep track of your fuel use. If it feels crucial, then change it to fit your needs.

9. Drive at modest speed 

Driving at high speed can give you more fuel than electric energy. So, driving at a lower or moderate speed is recommended for the lesser use of fuel.

10. Consider eco-driving technique

To lessen the use of fuel, it’s essential to use different techniques like coasting to a stop, lower or steady speed driving, and avoiding crowded roads can help hybrid cars reduce the use of car


Knowing these techniques is essential to reduce fuel use in your hybrid vehicle. It’s ideal to use the electric mode to its maximum efficiency, so next time while driving, make sure you keep all these tips in mind to save resources and the environment.

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