Nominee Services and What Business Owners Need to Know About it

For business owners seeking to maintain a level of privacy and keep personal information out of the public record, a solution often employed is the use of nominee services. These services offer a way to run a business while staying out of the spotlight, allowing the use of a nominee’s personal information on official business records like annual financial reports, instead of divulging one’s own details. This strategic approach enables business owners to keep their identity confidential while adhering to all the important legal requirements.

Nominee services safeguard the privacy of business owners who may have valid reasons for limiting public access to their personal information. This practice is particularly relevant for individuals who wish to separate their personal and professional lives and navigate the complexities of running a business while maintaining a degree of anonymity. It’s essential to choose a reliable company formation service like Obtained when seeking nominee services, as they can help you find a solution that suits the specific needs of your business.

Understanding What a Nominee Exactly Is

A nominee is an individual or corporate entity that lends their name to someone else in order to shield that person’s identity. Nominees can take various forms, ranging from friends and family members to professionals such as lawyers or accountants. Business owners frequently seek out companies that provide nominee services instead of relying on individual nominees.

This arrangement allows individuals or businesses to maintain a level of confidentiality by using the name of the nominee on official documents and public records. The nominee, in this context, acts as a representative or stand-in for the actual owner, helping to protect their privacy.

Core Reason Behind Nominee Services

The primary motivation behind the use of nominees by company owners is to legally safeguard their privacy. Nominees allow business owners to maintain confidentiality in public records, ensuring that their personal information is not readily accessible to the public. It’s important to note, however, that despite this privacy arrangement, the Internal Revenue Service imposes certain requirements. When a business owner applies for an Employer Identification Number, the IRS mandates the submission of the actual owner’s information.

Therefore, while public access to the owner’s details may be limited, the IRS maintains records identifying the true owner of the business. This highlights the delicate balance between privacy considerations and compliance with legal obligations. If you plan on getting nominee services for your enterprise, make sure to acquire help from a company like Obtained, making sure you can follow all the important steps to utilize this service. The professionals at this company can also help you with things like bank purchases, acquiring a license forex or EMI solutions that match your enterprise’s needs.

Main Types of Nominees

As a business owner seeking privacy, there are two primary types of nominees that you can appoint, and each type is typically effective for one year. Moreover, as the true owner, you retain the flexibility to revoke or renew the nominee service at your discretion:


Nominee shareholders are individuals or entities that hold shares of a company on behalf of the true owner. While the true owner maintains beneficial ownership, the use of nominee shareholders helps conceal the actual ownership details in public registers. This can be particularly beneficial in maintaining privacy in jurisdictions where shareholder information is publicly accessible.


Nominee directors are individuals or entities appointed to the board of directors of a company on behalf of the true owner. They act as representatives in official capacities, participating in corporate decision-making processes. The use of nominee directors helps shield the identity of the actual owner in public records and legal documentation.

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What do Nominee Services Bring to the Table

Before opting for nominee services facilitated by Obtained or other companies, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of their capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do when using nominee services:

Enhance Privacy

Nominee services allow you to enhance the privacy of your business by using the name and details of a nominee on public records, keeping your personal information confidential.


Nominee services typically offer flexibility, allowing you, as the true owner, to revoke or renew the nominee arrangement based on your evolving needs or circumstances.

Legal Compliance

Nominee services are often used to ensure legal compliance while protecting the identity of the actual owner, allowing businesses to operate within the bounds of the law.

Maintain Anonymity

By appointing nominees, you can maintain a level of anonymity, especially in jurisdictions where business ownership details are publicly accessible.

Final Thoughts

While nominee services can work wonders for your business, it is important to choose a company like Obtained for help. The corporate services professionals at this company can help you choose the right nominee type, ensuring they can assist your enterprise in more ways than one.

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