Insulated Garden Rooms: Prestige Garden Rooms’ Masterful Creations


Embracing the concept of outdoor living spaces, Insulated Garden Rooms have become a cornerstone for those seeking comfort and versatility in their living spaces. Prestige Garden Rooms, based in Staffordshire, stands as a beacon in this realm, offering an extensive range of quality insulated garden rooms. This article unravels the unique features and benefits of Prestige Garden Rooms’ offerings while exploring the artistry behind their Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms.

Prestige Garden Rooms’ Diverse Range

1. Apex Garden Rooms

In the world of garden rooms, the Apex design from Prestige Garden Rooms stands out for its seamless blend of elegance and functionality. This section delves into the unique charm and features of the Apex design.

2. Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms

The focal point of Prestige Garden Rooms’ collection is the Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms. With unparalleled thermal insulation properties, these rooms redefine comfort. Crafted with 18mm Western Red Cedar, they surpass traditional materials like brick, concrete, and steel. The article explores the unique construction details, including the 95mm x 45mm framework structure, breathable membrane, and 75mm Celotx insulation.

3. Platinum Pent Design

Another gem in Prestige Garden Rooms’ arsenal is the Platinum Pent design, featuring UPVC fascia boards, factory-sprayed white internal finish, and 4/20/4 TGH double glazing for doors and windows. The section emphasizes the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating this design.

4. Bespoke Outdoor Living Spaces

Prestige Garden Rooms takes customization to the next level with bespoke outdoor living spaces. Drawing on years of experience, the team tailors insulated garden rooms to fit any size and space, ensuring a perfect match for individual preferences and needs.

Benefits of Insulated Garden Rooms

Comfort Throughout the Year

Insulated garden rooms from Prestige Garden Rooms offer a haven of comfort year-round. With 75mm PIR board insulation, 18mm OSB flooring, and precision design, these spaces become inviting retreats regardless of the season.

Quality Construction

The commitment to quality is evident in every detail, from the Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms’ external cladding to the Platinum Pent’s UPVC fascia boards and double glazing. This section explores how Prestige Garden Rooms prioritizes durability and aesthetics.

Bespoke Solutions for Your Needs

The ability to create bespoke outdoor living spaces sets Prestige Garden Rooms apart. This customization ensures that every garden room is a unique reflection of the owner’s preferences, seamlessly integrating with the existing landscape.

The Prestige Approach: Passion and Teamwork

Commitment to Excellence

Prestige Garden Rooms’ workforce is driven by a passion to deliver products that enhance gardens and provide lasting pleasure. This section explores the company’s commitment to excellence, exemplified by their show site at Pacific Nurseries WS9 0PH.

Showcase of Craftsmanship

Prospective customers can evaluate the quality of Prestige Garden Rooms’ workmanship at their show site, underscoring the confidence in their ability to create bespoke buildings that meet customers’ diverse requirements.

Your Investment: Guarantees and Cost Transparency

5-Year Guarantee

Recognizing the significance of a garden room as an investment, Prestige Garden Rooms offers a 5-year guarantee with all their buildings. This assurance reflects the company’s confidence in the durability and longevity of their products.

Transparent Pricing

Prestige Garden Rooms prioritizes transparency in pricing, aiming to provide clarity to customers. While bespoke extras like skylights and bifolding doors may incur additional charges, the core pricing philosophy remains transparent.


In conclusion, Prestige Garden Rooms’ Insulated Garden Rooms redefine outdoor living, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and customization. From the thermal efficiency of Cedar Insulated Garden Rooms to the versatility of bespoke outdoor living spaces, each design reflects a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The 5-year guarantee and transparent pricing further enhance the appeal of investing in these well-crafted garden rooms. When considering an addition to your property, Prestige Garden Rooms stands out as a reliable choice for creating a space that seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle and enhances your outdoor experience.

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