FIFA Player Tier List

FIFA FC 24 has many players to offer. Each FIFA player has their own stats. But who are the outliers even amongst them? We’ll learn about them in this tier list. We will include players who dominate every FC 24 match. If you are looking for the best EA FC 24 attacker or a defender, you’re in luck. This is because our tier list features all types of FIFA players. We are confident you will find the next player for your team through this list.

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Gold Tier

  • Kylian Mbappé (PSG): Mbappé’s to elite FIFA defenders what war steeds are foot soldiers. He can outpace anyone, leaving them behind as he heads towards the goal. His scoring ability is just as impressive enabling him to turn those runs into goals with reliability.
  • Erling Haaland (Manchester City): Haaland is a true powerhouse on the field. His towering stature and exceptional strength make him a dominant figure in the penalty area. He possesses a mix of prowess and precise finishing, capable of netting seemingly impossible headers or thunderous volleys. FIFA Defenders struggle to contain him as he poses a threat in front of goal.
  • Lionel Messi (Inter Miami CF): As all legendary FIFA sportsmen go, Lionel Messi doesn’t fall short. Even though his once-lightning speed may have diminished, his dribbling skills and ball control are some of the best ever seen. Lionel’s experience on the field allows him to judge the play with a single glance. The man is capable of annihilating defenses with a single pass.
  • While his speed may have diminished over time his experience and finesse continue to make him an invaluable asset during games. 
  • Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool FC): Van Dijk stands tall as a force in defense known for his imposing stature and exceptional tackling skills that give nightmares to opposing FC 24 attackers. His leadership on the field ensures a line that proves tough to penetrate.

Silver Tier 

  • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool FC): Salah dominates the wing with his lightning speed, leaving defenders trailing behind. His impressive dribbling abilities and precise crosses create scoring opportunities for teammates waiting in the penalty area. Not only is he a master at setting up goals. He’s also a deadly finisher himself, converting chances with clinical precision.
  • Aitana Bonmatí (FC Barcelona Femeni): Bonmati is well-known in FIFA women’s soccer. She has great dribbling abilities and precise passing. With her in the team, you can expect to win FC 24 matches. 
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool FC): Alexander Arnold is recognized for his skill in delivering crosses establishing himself as a precision expert on the field. His talent in setting up scoring chances for his FIFA teammates from positions is unparalleled in the sport.
  • Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich): A constant threat inside the penalty area, he demonstrates versatility in scoring types of goals.
  • Alisson Becker (Liverpool FC): A dependable player, he can turn the tide of games with his remarkable saves.

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