A Quick Guide: Find the Best Chinese Translation Services

With technological advancement and the industrial revolution, China is the fastest-growing economy in the world. It is one of the major reasons China catches the eye of global industrialists and investors. They look forward to a bright future and successful business opportunities in China. It brings in the need for Chinese language translation services. However, finding the right translation services is a hard nut to crack. But don’t worry. In this guide, we will share the best translation options for both traditional and simplified Chinese.

Why Do You Need to Translate Chinese?

With almost 1.5 billion speakers, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Moreover, due to its significance in the international market, the language has the potential to become a global language. However, it is not possible. One of the many reasons is the structure of the language. Chinese is a logographic language. It means the language is based on symbols instead of alphabets, like English. It makes it a bit difficult to learn for people around the globe.

Well, this doesn’t affect the global image of the Chinese industry. Entrepreneurs from around the world desire to expand their reach to the Chinese market. All they need is to acquire the best translation services. There are two dialects of Chinese. One is simplified, and the second is traditional. Before getting to the main point, let’s first discuss the difference between the two.

Traditional Chinese

It is easy to guess that traditional Chinese is the old and pure form of Chinese. It is a bit difficult, as it uses the same symbol for different expressions. This makes it often hard for non-native readers and listeners to guess the desired meaning of words. Speakers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau still follow the traditional Chinese. Moreover, in the traditional version, the linguistic and cultural nuances are significant. This means you should pick a translation service provider with a high level of understanding and deep knowledge of the language.

Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese is the uncomplicated version of the Chinese language. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the new generation’s language. Malaysia, Singapore, and Mainland China are the main countries where simplified Chinese is used as a daily language. The main reason that makes this version different from traditional Chinese is the use of symbols. Unlike the traditional version, there are different symbols for each expression that make it easier to understand and communicate. 

Find the Best Chinese Translation Services for Yourself!

Now that you know the difference between simplified and traditional Chinese, you should know about the best translation services for each.

For Simplified Chinese Translation 

As we know, simplified is the basic Chinese that doesn’t require any expertise to translate into another language. The basic purpose of translating simplified Chinese is to understand newspapers, text messages, and social media usage. For that, you do not require human translations. There are machine translation services available to help you understand the basic things relevant to your daily routine in China. Here are a few of the best options you can get to translate simplified Chinese:

  • Google

Google is the best and most free option for instant translations. You might have got your hands on it already. If yes, then you know how it works. 

From Google, you can get a basic translation of Chinese to English or any other language within a few seconds. Other than that, it also comes with a very impressive voice assistance program which allows you to pronounce the content instead of typing it.

  • Yandex

You can find a lot of free translation tools on the internet, but Yandex is one of the best. You can translate simplified Chinese into English or any other language. However, free tools have their limits, Yandex comes with a limit of 10,000 characters. It means you are restricted from translating lengthy documents at once. 

For Traditional Chinese Translation

Traditional Chinese needs linguistically and culturally accurate translation services. For traditional Chinese translation services, you cannot trust anyone but certified and professional translators. You can also acquire machine translation, but it is not as reliable as human translation. 

  • Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a Chinese translation company that has a plethora of translators. Their translators are native speakers who can help you translate Chinese to or from other languages within your desired time period. The translators have a deep understanding of the linguistic and cultural nuances. Their familiarity with the behaviors and habits of the Chinese market allows them to translate your content accordingly. Moreover, you can ensure effective communication with the Chinese audience and make your global reach successful.

Wait, there is more. Other than Chinese, the company provides translation services into more than 230 languages. That means language barriers are more of a problem for you. From translating your marketing materials to translating all types of business documents, MT can help you out. You can easily expand your reach to any country without taking care of language issues. 

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